The refund for the Grad Nite ticket you purchased will be refunded through Zelle.  Zelle is the program used through our banking firm, US Bank and used widely in connection with other banking firms.  Zelle is another application used just like Cash App or Venmo and is secured, fast and the most efficient way to refund and track the return of your money. 


Please follow the instructions below to receive your refund:


Make sure you have requested and completed the form PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM IN THE IN ORDER TO GET YOUR REFUND.

 ****If you have already completed this step, PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE ANOTHER FORM******


Download the Zelle application on your mobile device, computer or IPad by visiting the website Zelle or going into THIS link.


Once completed both steps, email: EHGRADNITEREFUND2020@GMAIL.COM with the following information:


-Full Name (Student or Parent) on the form submitted – NO EXCEPTIONS

-Which email or phone number to use in connection with the Zelle account created

-if the Name, Email or Phone number DOES NOT match the form, a refund will not be sent via Zelle -  NO EXCEPTIONS


Refunds will be sent out within 1-3 days from confirmation of completed steps above. 


If you have any questions or concern, please send an email to: EHGRADNITEREFUND2020@GMAIL.COM


Thank you,


PTSA Grad Nite Committee 👇