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Grad Nite 2024 FAQ

Q: What do I do if I need help?
A: Find the nearest park security person or park employee asap. The park has our group’s contact information and will call us. Your safety is the most important thing. If park personnel are not nearby, contact your chaperone immediately. 

Please use the buddy system while in the park. It doesn’t matter if your buddy has a different chaperone. They can contact their chaperone and that chaperone will get help. 


Q: What do I do if I lose my park ticket?
A: Students are encouraged to put their name and phone number on their tickets before entering the park. 
Also take a picture of your ticket.
Tickets should be treated like cash. Disney will NOT replace lost or stolen tickets.  If you lose your ticket, contact your chaperone immediately.  


Q: I take medications. Can I take them on the trip?
A: All medications, whether over the counter or prescription need to be noted on your Special Needs & Medication Form, as well as your Parent Approval & Participant Waiver. Only medicines listed will be allowed on the trip. Over the counter medications need to be in the factory sealed packaging. Prescription medications need to be in the pharmacy bottle with original labeling showing the student’s name, dosage requirements, and medication description. All medications will be subject to verification during check-in. 


Q: Can we leave personal items on the bus?
A: You can leave pillows, blankets, or other personal items on the bus. The buses will be leaving the premises with the drivers and will not return until the 2am pick-up time. Do not leave items of value on the bus. EHS  PTSA or Worldstride Tours take any responsibility for items left on the bus. 


Q: The trip lasts approximately 3 hours. Can I bring personal hygiene items?
A: You may bring the following:

  • contact lens solution-MUST BE SEALED

  • lip balm

  • sunscreen (spray or lotion ok, does not need to be sealed but will be inspected at check in)

  • hairbrush

  • make-up(no liquids)

  • lotion (hand lotion, moisturizer)

Types of prohibited items: 

  • perfume 

  • mouthwash

  • shampoo/conditioner

  • body wash


Q: What should I bring on the trip?
A: Required items:

  • Current student ID

  • Money for food, lockers, souvenirs.

Suggested items:

  • Portable phone chargers & cords.

  • Plastic bag to protect electronics on water rides

  • Light jacket or change of clothes depending on the weather.


  • Personal hygiene items (see above list & requirements)

  • Comfort items (pillows, blankets for bus ride)


Q: Is there Wi-Fi in the parks?
A: Yes. Disney now offers complimentary Wi-Fi in select areas of the parks.  Select the network “Disney-Guest”.


Q: Is there a park map that shows the location of restrooms, lockers, charging stations, wait times, etc?
A: Yes. There are many apps, but the best one is the Disneyland app by Disney since it is updated frequently. 


Q: Will there be someplace to charge my phone?
A: Yes, there are charging stations available for a fee or you can try finding an open electrical outlet. We suggest that if you have a portable charger you bring it since the park will be crowded with regular park visitors as well as other grad nite attendees. 
Charging station locations list below:

California Adventure:

  • Radiator Springs Racers

  • Paradise Pier across from Ariel’s Grotto

  • Sunset Showcase Theater

  • Red Car Trolley loading near the park entrance


  • Main Street

  • Tomorrowland Theater

  • Frontierland

  • Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

  • It’s A Small World


Q: Where do we find the lockers?
A: Lockers are located in both parks. We suggest you obtain one as early as possible since the park will be at capacity.  Locker fees run approximately $7-15 each.


California Adventure:

  • Grizzly River Run

  • Red Car Trolley loading near the park entrance

  • Restrooms near the park entrance gate


Disneyland:    (Lockers in Disneyland must be emptied before entering the Grad Nite event (8:00 pm)

  • Restrooms near the park entrance gate

  • Main street


Q: What are the buses like?
A: Buses may have WiFi, a DVD player, a restroom (for emergencies only), forward facing seats that recline, individual air conditioning vents, reading lights & window shades.  Students are strongly encouraged to sleep on the ride down to maximize their energy for 18+ hours in the parks.


Q: Can I bring an unopened water bottle into the park?
A: No.  Students may not bring any food or liquids into the park.   You may bring an empty plastic or aluminum water bottle to be filled with water inside the park. Glass bottles are prohibited.


Q: Can I change my assigned bus?
A: No. Bus changes are not allowed.


Q: What if I do not have a cell phone?
A: Please partner up  with a responsible friend who does have a cell phone and have that friend check in for you both during the text check ins.  You must let us know in advance who will be checking in for you.  You MUST still show up for Face-to-Face check in.  


Q: Can we play music on the bus?
A: Because we strongly encourage students to sleep on the ride to Disney and back, we are not allowing music to be broadcast on the bus.  You are welcome to bring your own devices and headphones to listen to music so long as it is not loud enough to disturb others.  

Q: Can I bring hand sanitizer on the trip?
A: No.  Hand sanitizer is considered a liquid and is not permitted on the trip.  Each bus will have a bottle of hand sanitizer for those that need it.  Thorough hand washing is advised before eating in the parks.

Q: What items are prohibited on the trip?
A:  All of the below listed items are prohibited:

  • All tobacco and marijuana products including edibles, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and vaping products.  Grad Nite is a completely non-smoking event.

  • Items that may be disruptive to other park guests (e.g., all speakers, laser pointers, slingshots, stink bombs, air horns, silly string)

  • Alcoholic beverages and any illegal substances

  • ALL outside food and drinks including factory sealed water bottles are not permitted

  • Selfie sticks (hand-held extension poles for cameras and mobile devices)

  • Suitcases, coolers or backpacks larger than 24”long x 15” wide x 18” high

  • Glass containers including small glass perfume/cologne bottles

  • Weapons of any kind, or objects that appear to be weapons (water guns, etc)

  • Self defense equipment (pepper spray, mace, stun guns)

Q: What behaviors are prohibited on the trip?
A:  All of the below listed behaviors are prohibited:

  • Inappropriate touching or physical aggression of any kind.

  • Failure to comply with a request of a Disney Cast Member.

  • Inappropriate language(including profanity) and disruptive or offensive behavior.

  • Running

  • Theft or vandalism

  • Line jumping/cutting attraction queues.

  • Failure to comply with attraction safety rules.

  • Feeding animals in the park, including birds.

  • Group chanting of any kind including yelling at high volume in attraction queues.


Q: What should I wear on the trip?
A:  Dress code is as follows:

  • Comfortable, casual attire and good walking shoes.

  • Do Not wear masks or costumes.

  • No clothing with objectionable material.

  • Excessively torn clothing, or clothing which exposes excessive portions of skin which may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment.  

  • No bare feet.

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