PTSA Memberships and Donations

Being a Member of the PTSA (Parent Teachers Student Association, allows you to be well informed about what goes on at school, get direct support from parents and teachers and gives you the opportunity to access scholarships, grants and discounts not offered to Non-PTSA Members.

If you have any questions and you feel more at ease asking any experienced parent, we are here to help you out! 

The first time navigating through High School or dealing with AP Classes and Exams, PSAT or SAT testing can be overwhelming for both parent and student. We are here to help!! Please feel free to reach out to us and ask us ANYTHING that is on our mind regarding what your teen or you are going through.

Participate and Self development programs for Parents to help you better understand what your teenager is going through and help them out in the best way possible.

If you are ready to register to be a PTSA Member it is only $10.00 usd and you can either sign in through TOTEM directly with the PTA or download the membership application here and send your child to school with a check or cash in an envelope titled "PTSA Membership" and leave it at the front desk in the main office. We will contact you shortly after that to confirm we have received it.

If at any point you feel like you want to participate in any of the activities we have organized for you or the students, just download the volunteer application or contact us directly at Volunteers are ALWAYS welcomed and you get to decide when, where and how many hours you would like to help out. No minimum requirements.


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